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Democracy – how do we define it and what are its strengths and weaknesses

par Matt 20 Juin 2016, 08:12 English

What is democracy? What is democracy? According to Francis Fukuyama (1992),...

Participatory democracy, only suitable for relatively small places?

par Matt 8 Mai 2012, 16:25 English

Introduction In The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, Marx (1852a) claimed:...

The land reforms and agriculture in China

par Matt 23 Février 2012, 17:30 English

The land reforms and the countryside in China Part 1 : The Chinese empire and...

Comparing the French and Chinese Senior Civil Servants Selection System

par Matt 17 Février 2012, 17:29 English

ENA - National School of Administration (1980) Comparing the French and PRC’s...

Media-setting role in the 2010 French old-age pension Reform

par Matt 23 Janvier 2012, 12:53 English

“Comes an era in which disapproval is not enough: after philosophy, action is...

Reforms of the educational system in Japan between 1980 and 2010

par Matt 3 Janvier 2012, 18:06 English

Japanese high school graduation ceremony The case of the reforms of the educational...

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